VIDEO: How a Corgi rides a pony

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BOLIVAR, Mo. (KXAN) — Corgis have all the fun! One particular Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Bolivar, Missouri, likes to ride ponies.

A few weeks ago, Callie Schenker filmed her neighbor’s Corgi sitting on her one-eyed pony, Cricket. She recorded a 15-second video of the pony trotting away into the darkness as the canine sits atop, looking at the camera.

Schenker posted the video on Facebook with the message, “I can’t make this stuff up!!! So we pull back in our driveway tonight and this is what we see. This is not our dog! But apparently him and Cricket the one-eyed wonder pony are best friends.”

The biggest question people had after watching the video (to the tune of 6.1 million views) was how did those short, little legs make its way up on top of the pony? This week, Schenker finally caught the Corgi in action.

In a YouTube video posted on Feb. 13, the Corgi can be seen playing with the pony and running circles around it. After several attempts, the Corgi gets enough air to land on top of Cricket. As the Corgi sits on top of Cricket, a curious horse comes by to survey this whole unusual scenario.

Schenker told the Springfield News-Leader she thinks the dog’s name is Roper, but she doesn’t know for sure since her neighbors tend to keep to themselves.

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