AUSTIN (KXAN) — President Trump’s visit to Austin is the culmination of a months-long dance with Apple.

It began on June 28, as President Trump threatened more tariffs on Chinese goods, Apple announces it’s moving production of the Mac Pro from Austin to China.

The Mac Pro is Apple’s only major computer assembled in the United States, but some components are imported from suppliers in China. At the time, Apple said Trump’s tariffs would make producing the Mac Pro in Austin too expensive.

Weeks later, on July 18, Apple applied for a waiver that would allow them to import the components for the Mac Pro from China without having to pay tariffs. Days later, in a tweet, President Trump said Apple wouldn’t get the waiver and urged them to manufacture the components in the United States.

On September 19, amid an escalating trade war with China, Apple was granted the tariff waiver. Four days later, Apple announced it would keep production of the Mac Pro in Austin.