AUSTIN (KXAN) — More cars on the road full of people heading across the state for holiday plans – means a higher chance for accidents, and a busy weekend for tow truck operators.

“We’re ready,” said Brittany Sizemore with Eagle Towing and Recovery in North Austin.

When it comes to your own car, Sizemore said dead batteries and flat tires are the most likely to leave you stranded during this cold spurt, adding that her crews see an uptick in accidents around the holidays on the major highways in and out of Austin.

“If you do get in trouble, calling a local company can sometimes get you help faster,” she said. “They’re in town…. They know the area better.”

As wrecker crews gear up for more calls, they’re asking holiday drivers for a favor in return: move over, slow down.

It’s not just a mantra, it’s a law.

According to Texas Department of Transportation, the law requires drivers to move a lane over or slow down to 20 mph before the posted limit when approaching first responders, construction workers and tow truck drivers.

“People don’t acknowledge them as emergency crews,” said Sizemore, referring to tow truck operators.

According to the Emergency Responder Safety Institute, more tow truck drivers died in “struck-by’s” in 2022 than law enforcement officers.

Patrick Morin of Mills County is the latest to join that list.

“Our goal… is to make Patrick real to people, this person was a man of great wisdom and value and deeply loved,” said Mitzi, Morin’s wife.