Former Texas Longhorns football greats Colt McCoy, B.J. Johnson and Kwame Cavil held football camps over the weekend in Austin for young athletes.

McCoy, who went 45-8 as a starting quarterback for Texas, has the Colt McCoy Performance Camp at Westlake High School June 17 and 18. The two-time All-American is entering his second year as a backup quarterback with the Arizona Cardinals.

“It’s one of my favorite things of the summer to be honest is to come out here with all these campers,” said McCoy about his annual camp. “I admire them. It’s the middle of the summer. We wake them up early and then they work hard out here on the turf.”

B.J. Johnson and Kwame Cavil, two standout receivers during their time in Austin, helped coach at the 13th Annual Texas Premier Football Camp. They partnered with Neighborhood Longhorns to put on a camp for free that helps economically disadvantaged 2nd through 8th graders.

Kwame Cavil and B.J. Johnson talking to athletes.

“We just want to try to help out,” added Johnson. “I got three boys myself so I know how much it is every summer when you’re trying to put kids somewhere. So that’s why we do it for free so that the kids get a good knowledge of football but also get a chance to hang out.”

Those three Longhorn legends keep track of their former team and have optimism around the program after the 5-7 campaign in 2021.

“I know [Steve Sarkisian] has an offensive mind,” said Cavil about the Longhorns head football coach. “I know he has toys. I know as a coach it’s not always about the ‘X’s and O’s’ it’s the ‘Jimmies and Joes.’ I know we have some ‘Jimmies and Joes’ over there.”

“Texas has had some rough roads over the last 10-12 years and I think that everyone from [Chris Del Conte] to Sark, everyone down just wants some stability. I think for us as fans and people who love the Longhorns, they are moving in the right direction. They really are and I’m excited to watch them play.”