AUSTIN (KXAN) — Monday marked the last day that candidates could file their paperwork to appear on the Texas primary ballot next year.

The Texas presidential primary will arguably be the marquee race during the election on March 3, 2020. Voters will have to choose from 17 Democrats in that race, while President Donald Trump will face four challengers in the GOP primary.

Tyler Mitchell, the Texas Democratic Party’s candidate services director, joined political reporter Phil Prazan and digital anchor Will DuPree on KXAN Live Wednesday morning to discuss this crowded field.

During that discussion, Prazan asked Mitchell if he thought any of the Democratic candidates could ultimately beat President Trump in Nov. 2020.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Mitchell said. “I’m confident that any candidate we have coming out of the presidential primary can beat Trump, particularly here in Texas.”

In addition to the presidential race, the guests talked on KXAN Live about the U.S. Senate primary and the Texas Democrats’ effort to gain the majority in the Texas House of Representatives. Watch the video above to see more conversation on those topics.

KXAN is now working to have a similar sit-down with an official from the Republican Party of Texas.