SAN MARCOS (KXAN) — Teachers in San Marcos CISD tell KXAN they did not get paid on payday.

A teacher who wished to remain anonymous told KXAN that she had to cancel bill payments because the money was not going to be in her account.

“Some teachers are going to be over-drafted,” said the teacher.

San Marcos CISD said it continued to navigate the pay schedule delay and apologized for the inconvenience.

“We knew when our payday was, we scheduled payments to be made,” said the teacher. “We had plans for this weekend, I know my family, last minute, last night had to change our plans. We were supposed to go out of town and we can no longer do that because we don’t have the extra money.”

San Marcos CISD said pay schedule delay was mainly affecting monthly payday employees.

“Yesterday, the team submitted the 1,200 individual payroll file to our bank provider, Frost Bank, prior to their 6PM deadline but encountered multiple time limit errors due to the file size. The file was accepted through the Frost Bank system at 6:10PM, after the 6PM deadline. This is the issue that caused the delay in payment that we are experiencing across the district.”

-San Marcos CISD spokesperson

The teacher who spoke with KXAN tells us she lives paycheck to paycheck and stuff like this should not happen.

“This really makes me feel unappreciated and undervalued,” said the teacher.

San Marcos CISD says Frost Bank has released the pay files to each employee’s bank. Some of the paychecks have been processed, but many employees will have to wait until Monday for the paycheck to process.