Wardrobe Stylist and Mom of two littles, Jammie Baker, joined Steph to give tips on getting dressed with ease and style for postpartum moms.

Jammie says, “The fourth trimester is REAL and getting dressed in this season can be an overwhelming and frustrating thing to navigate. Ok so… everything in this season is hard, which is why I want to help moms make getting dressed simple and confidence boosting during this season. Your changing body shouldn’t stop you from getting dressed or taking care of yourself.” 

For the first few weeks, Jammie says to focus on loungewear:

Supportive and comfy undergarments. Invest in new ones here if you can. It’s the little things in this season that make a big impact on your confidence. Underwear with holes is not going to do your mental health or confidence any favors. 

Cute matching sets, cozy socks, straight up loungewear. 

One “going out” or “visitor” outfit if you insist on getting dressed. Keep it simple with leggings and a top. An oversized wrap or henley top works well here, especially if you are breastfeeding. 


This is a well curated mini capsule for the postpartum season.

Create a section of your closet + drawers for this capsule to house just this mini capsule

Tips on building this:

10-15 pieces should be plenty

Everything should fit your postpartum body. Not what you want your postpartum body to fit into but what actually fits. 

Choose a color palette and stick to it so that your capsule is cohesive and easy to grab and go

Stick to basics and make sure they fit your lifestyle:

Do they need to work for breastfeeding?

What activities and events do you need to dress for?

Do you need shapewear?

Get a bra fitting even if it’s a nursing bra. There’s going in public bras and at home ones

Utilize the layers, shoes, and accessories that you already have

Make sure you aren’t shopping from a place of hiding your body but from a place of dressing your body well. Body shame will never serve you. 

Your wardrobe can be simple, functional, and stylish, even postpartum. 

There are a lot of benefits to getting dressed:




These are all benefits that we need in those early days (and beyond) of motherhood. 

Give yourself grace (and some stretchy pants) in this season!

Check out Jammie’s Maternity and Postpartum Style Masterclass or get more information at JammieBaker.com