Rosie recently visited Sage Recovery & Wellness in Beecave and spoke to Rachel Cypert, LPC Clinical Director about their partnership with Physicians Premier ER.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has impacted the young significantly. A juvenile’s world revolves around their social life. When they are not able to engage socially in the same way, it is affecting their mood and behaviors. The adolescent suicide rate has increased by 6% through this pandemic. But Sage Recovery & Wellness is shifting to face to face groups starting this month.

Sage Recovery has also seen an influx in process addictions because people are home more and are experiencing increased anxiety and depression while having limited or no access to the same escapes they once did This leads to finding increases in vices such as gaming, pornography, gambling food, and sex.

Once someone decides to go into recovery what role does Physicians Premier ER can assist in connecting patients with addictions or in recovery to Sage Recovery & Wellness. Given Physicians Premier ER’s relative small operation and increased attention to patient needs, they are better suited than traditional emergency rooms in handling these types of patients.

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