MANOR, Texas (KXAN) — Manor ISD says it expects to recover at least one third of the $2.3 million lost by the district when it fell victim to a phishing scam.

About $800,000 is set to be returned to the school district, while more of the stolen money could be recovered as the investigation into the scam continues.

Last month, the district said that Manor police and the FBI were investigating the email scam that caused it to lose the money.

It did not provide further details about when the scam occurred.

“Manor ISD has developed additional internal security protocols with a variety of training and testing efforts designed to continually educate staff, which assure that the protocols are being followed,” the ISD said in an updated statement.

It added that police are continuing to chase down leads “in order to bring this case to a swift and legal conclusion.”

Phishing scams are emails designed to trick users into handing over personal information.

In 2017, $30 million was lost to these scams, according to the Federal Trade Commission.