Spicewood man fights off 2 armed attackers during attempted robbery at his home

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SPICEWOOD, Texas (KXAN) — A 76-year-old man said he fought off two armed men during an attempted robbery at his home on Lakehurst Loop in Spicewood.

Richard Bowsher said he went to check his front door Thursday evening at about 8:15 p.m. when he heard one of his dogs barking.

When he looked outside, he saw a young, thin man there petting the dog. Surveillance shared from his doorbell camera showed the man wearing a dark-colored T-shirt, blue jeans and work gloves.

“The first thing he said was, ‘I need to use your phone. I’ve got to call my mom. I’ve been mowing a yard over here,’ which didn’t make any sense,” said Bowsher.

He said the man then pushed his way into the front hallway and pulled a gun from his waistband. “He immediately jumped in and pointed the gun at my head and said, ‘Show me the money,'” Bowsher said.

At that same time, security cameras showed another man wearing a mask run up holding a pistol. The two men went into the house, and that’s when Bowsher said he began fighting off both of them.

“I grabbed the [first man’s] gun and started struggling to get the gun away. About that time, another kid with a mask on came running in,” Bowsher said.

“He got behind me and started hitting me as hard as he could with his gun behind my head. It started getting on my nerves, so I started going after him. I don’t know if his arm got tired or if they got done with the struggle, and they ran out.”

The fight lasted only about 30 seconds when the two men sprinted outside and hopped in their SUV, which they had backed down the driveway to get away quickly. They left without taking anything.

“It’s a nice neighborhood, and we’re trusting folks,” he added. “We don’t have much trouble here. It’s just bizarre.”

The attack left Bowsher with some bumps on the back of his head as well as bruises and cuts to his right hand and face, but he’ll be okay.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office responded to the attempted robbery Thursday night. Deputies are using the surveillance footage to try and identify the two suspects. No arrests have been made yet.

Bowsher still does not know why the two targeted his house.

“If they’re this brazen, I’m afraid they might hurt somebody or kill somebody,” he said. “They need to be off the street.”

Anyone with information about the attempted robbery should contact the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

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