In the early days of the pandemic Pascal of Bake Austin and Kami of Austin Tinkering School pivoted and joined forces to create Tiny Building and Baking,a super fun online camp where kids bake and cook REAL tiny food with Pascal and craft tiny rooms with Kami, complete with tiny furniture, tiny plates and silverware, tiny curtains, table cloth, candles, centerpiece, decorations… all out of cardboard, fabric, paper, paint, and other basic craft supplies.

Previous camps include Tiny Christmas, Tiny Bakery, Tiny Restaurant, and Tiny Sleepaway Camp, but in this upcoming Thanksgiving-themed camp the kids will spend half the class crafting a tiny Thanksgiving room with Kami of Austin Tinkering School and half the class baking and cooking a full (tiny) Thanksgiving fest with Pascal, including mashed potatoes, green beans, pies, bread rolls, and pumpkin bread.

Kids are out of school ALL WEEK Thanksgiving week so this online camp is a great way to keep them busy, creative, and occupied M-W before the big day! We often hear that kids keep on crafting and working on their tiny rooms for HOURS after camp is over. And of course all the food that they will be making with Pascal can be scaled up to be served normal-size at your Thanksgiving feast, so they will be Thanksgiving chefs in training and will be all prepped to contribute their newly acquired skills on Thursday! Kids are also welcome to do the camp together with friends, siblings, or cousins so it’s a great way to do something fun with family or friends while the parents are doing holiday prep or just getting some work done.

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