Foster group comes together after boy’s beloved Woody doll is damaged

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Most children have one toy growing up they couldn’t do without. For one 3-year-old in the foster system that toy was Woody from “Toy Story.”

“Woody is our youngest foster son’s best buddy,” said Renee Meier. “He got him from his big brother, who was also a foster child.”

One night while Woody’s best bud was fast asleep, Woody got hurt. “Woody got left out and one of the puppies chewed on Woody’s hand,” said Meier.

Meier took to a Facebook page for foster parents in search of another Woody and actually found a real life Andy too.

“April posted that she had Woody and she was either going to send it or we could meet,” said Meier.

The doll belonged to fellow group member April’s Meyers’ 17-year-old-son Zeke. Like Andy in “Toy Story 3,” Zeke was looking to re-home his beloved Woody doll before heading off to college.

Meyers wasn’t the only member of the Facebook group who wanted to help.

“Immediately after that, Kerri said that she would play ambulance, that she would go pick up Woody and bring him to me,” said Meier.

Kerri Cole, along with her own adopted daughters, came to Woody’s rescue. One of those daughters is named Jessie. Jessie is also the name of Woody’s gal pal in “Toy Story 2” and “Toy Story 3.”

“We made it look like I visited Woody at Doc McStuffins’ hospital,” said Jessie.

Cole, her daughters and Doc McStuffins bandaged up the new Woody and sent him on his way.

Cole’s 16-year-old-daughter Libby says this experience was especially touching for her. “I know that feeling. I’ve been there. I was a foster kid,” said Libby. “I knew how hard it was to lose something or to have something broken that was super important.”

Now, thanks to new friends, Woody is back to being sheriff and his best partner has his friend back.

“He smiled, he hugged him, he was just really excited,” said Meier.

Meier says this experience wouldn’t have been possible without the group Matthew 19:14-Foster Care Compassion Closet.

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