Studio 512’s friend Jennifer Bartos (of toilet paper roll cake fame) with Make It Sweet joined us live with an icing surprise! Rosie and Steph were given boxes and instructed to open them on-air, guessing what they’d be making. How’d they do?

Even with Rosie and Steph’s undeveloped skill sets, Jennifer still knows how to give a great class! She’s a pro at baking at home, and has a huge assortment of tools for folks who want to get crafty in the kitchen.

When social distancing started, Jennifer began rolling out kits for folks to take virtual classes! Make It Sweet puts the kits together, including all ingredients and necessary tools, and people can come pick them up based on class schedule.

Make It Sweet will record videos for instruction, and people can just watch the videos online on their own. They also set up class times when the instructor is live on a Zoom meeting for people to join in and watch the videos and do the project and get feedback and be able to ask questions. They will be adding new online classes for September and October very soon, so stay tuned for updates!

Learn more about supplies and upcoming classes on Make It Sweet’s website.