There’s a whole lot of ‘new’ surrounding the Austin Gamblers. They are a new team in a new league who are excited to perform in their all new arena.

The Gamblers, the Professional Bull Riding Team Series team in Austin, just wrapped up the inaugural PBR Team Series Draft. The first overall pick belonged to the Gamblers and they selected Jose Vitor Leme.

“He jumps in, comes to his first World Finals, qualifies, comes to the first World Finals in Las Vegas and wins the championship, which is no easy feat,” said Gamblers Head Coach Michael Gaffney about the first overall pick. “Since that time, he’s won two world titles. I mean, the guy is a physical specimen.”

Leme did not ride a bull until he was 18. The Brazilian was and is such a standout soccer player that his coach thinks Leme could hang with the professionals at Austin FC.

The first professional sports team to compete at Moody Center will be the Gamblers when ‘Gambler Days’ comes to Austin on August 26-28.

“I can’t be more excited because I think we’re going to bring that same excitement to this city and to the Austinites because I think we have such a melting pot of people who will be able to get behind these guys,” said Gaffney about his worldly team.

The PBR Team Series gets underway on July 25-26 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.