Sara Skirboll joined us in the studio with all the best deals. The New Year is here, and so are some of Sara’s favorite things that will help you create-and maintain-a balanced and healthy start to 2018. No matter what your goals are, keep reading for tips and products that will help you keep them from just being a forgettable to-do list during the first few weeks of January.

Sara has been actively learning new recipes from America the Great Cookbook ($20 at Barnes & Noble). These recipes are the ultimate celebration of the most divine dishes across the United States today. The diverse dining options are from the top chefs, artisan producers and fascinating food heroes across our nation, including Carla Hall and Jose Andres. Not only are the meals delicious, but each entrée is served with a heartfelt story behind the recipe. Shoppers can snag this book at Barnes & Noble and get $5 cash back for online purchases of $50 or more. To assist with channeling your inner chef, consider switching to Le Creuset. This durable brand of cookware will lend a hand in preparing these exciting recipes. Find the perfect pots and pans for your needs, and the bright pieces will bring a pop of color to your kitchen. You can find Le Creuset at Macy’s, where you can get up to $30 cash back for online purchases.

A good list of resolutions should always include a health and wellness focused goal. I am trying to make a conscious effort to drink more water, and Corkcicle (starting at under $23 at Amazon) has helped me do just that. This spill-resistant tumbler keeps your liquids cold for over nine hours. Plus, the tumblers come in the most beautiful colors. They are perfect for people like myself who are always on the go, and the products range in sizes. Corkcicle also puts 5 percent of its sales toward charities focused on providing healthy and clean drinking water to people in need.

Keep your fitness goals going this year and look good while doing it! QOR (pronounced CORE) is a new athleisure apparel brand that will inspire you to work out more. Made with an active lifestyle in mind, QOR offers fashionable and high-performance fabrics like merino and cashmere that can take you from the office to your workout class. Remember that a new year should always start with a healthy and grateful mindset. Sara has been loving my gratitude glass jar ($45 at Amazon). This beautiful canister comes with 365 note cards for users to jot down something they are thankful for that day. This is perfect if you are working on counting your very own blessings but also great as a family activity-and even with friends. Look back at the end of 2018 and reflect on the many great things that have happened in your life.

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