(NEXSTAR) — “Something funny starts to happen when you push yourself forward five second decisions at a time. Your life changes.”

Mel Robbins, author of the bestselling book The 5 Second Rule, is bringing her motivation and style to a television near you. The Mel Robbins Show premieres on Sept. 16.

“So the five second rule is a universal law,” Mel explained. “Here it is. The moment you have an instinct to do something, you gotta move within five seconds or your brain will talk you out of it.”

Robbins said her implementing this rule changed everything for her. “My whole life changed eleven years ago when I decided to launch myself out of bed like a rocket.”

“And I went ‘five, four, three, two, one’ and stood up. And that one five second decision changed my entire life.”

“Change comes down to a choice. Not the big choices. Actually, the little ones. The ones that happen five seconds at a time.”

“The Mel Robbins Show is not a show. It’s an experience where you start to understand what’s holding you back. And more importantly, you take that next step toward getting a life that you want.”

The Mel Robbins Show will premiere across the nation on September 16, 2019.