SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) – New funding is heading to the Texas Hill Country in the fight against climate change. U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-Austin) announced Wednesday he has secured $2.48 million in federal funding for The Meadows Center at Texas State University.

The funds will be used to research the impact climate change is having on the Texas water crisis. Last June, the Meadows Center received $2 million in federal funding for climate research.

“Climate change is already messing with Texas water. New federal funds I secured are advancing the next phase of developing actionable projections for how climate change is impacting our water, breaking ground on new scientific research to develop a response,” Doggett said in a statement.

The funds will be used for three things:

  • Study the impact climate change is having on Texas water resources.
  • Find solutions for these issues.
  • To educate the public and state leaders about the issues facing our water supply.

Doggett said that last week’s winter storms are further proof of the need for research into dwindling water supplies.

“So many of these beautiful oak trees that were damaged, especially the oaks, they were under stress from drought and lack of water. And so we got it both ways. It is a reminder of the need to get out there and focus on all aspects of the climate crisis, but particularly on water,” Doggett told KXAN.

The congressman said this will be the final round of federal funds for this particular project. Texas State University and local governments will be responsible for future funding.