This is a collection of stories showing what Texas universities, colleges and schools are doing to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

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University of Texas Coronavirus Response

Texas Colleges and Universities Coronavirus Response

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At-Home Education Resources

First Warning Weather University

First Warning Weather University: David Yeomans explains …

First Warning Weather University: David Yeomans shares …

FWWU: Why is the sky blue?

FWWU: Why does sound travel further in the cold

What is a wind chill?

What are the ideal weather conditions for running?

Why do pipes burst when they freeze?

FWWU: What is a Cold Front?

How does lightning form?

Why does Central Texas flood so much?

Why Roads are Slippery After It Rains

Why does wind blow?

What is a Heat Index?

What is a Chance of Rain?

How Hail Forms.

How Do Hurricanes Form?

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