AUSTIN (KXAN) — Pharmacist Ruston Taylor is asking his patients an important question when they pick up their medication: “Are you vaccinated?”

He said people give him several answers as to why they aren’t.

“It could be as simple as they have a fear of needles, or others have a ‘wait and see’ approach and see what their friends and family experience with the vaccine,” he explained.

Along with filling prescription orders, he sees giving out information about the COVID-19 vaccine as part of his responsibility.

“My job as a pharmacist is to give them evidence-based information about their risk associated with COVID, should they not receive that vaccine,” Taylor said.

As part of the American Pharmacists Association, he is also making sure pharmacists are communicating with each other to build trust with patients, especially with the possibility of a booster shot on the horizon.

“We are speaking to patients that meet the guidelines that are put out by the government. We are consistently assessing the patients who meet the criteria,” he said.