MINNEAPOLIS (KXAN) — Target and CVS announced a partnership Wednesday that will allow CVS to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to people at CVS pharmacies located within Target stores. This applies to more than 600 locations in 17 states, including Texas.

It will also be available at stores in Austin, including Target’s new store at Plaza Saltillo on East Fifth Street.

This vaccine will be for both Target and CVS customers as well as employees.

Target says it already supports CVS-administered vaccinations every year for the flu, as well as shingles and pneumonia. This is an extension of that partnership.

“We’ll continue to partner closely as they administer the vaccine while following state and federal guidelines. We’re also making fitting rooms available to CVS at select stores to host appointments,” Target said in a news release.

How to apply to get the vaccine at a CVS store inside Target

You’ll still need to go to CVS.com to check your eligibility and see if there’s a participating location near you.

You can also check out other places to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine if those sign-up appointments are full.

Target plans to expand this partnership

“Target’s looking forward to providing even more support in the coming months,” it added. “That’ll mean continuing to work with CVS to offer vaccines to guests and team members within stores.”

It also plans to work on public vaccine education efforts, including the Health Action Alliance and the Ad Council’s new campaign. This campaign hopes to reach communities of color, which have been disproportionately effected by the pandemic and are getting the vaccine at lower rates.