Deuxmoons and Blue Suede Shoes + Wine Host a New Moon Event

Deuxmoons, a locally-made moon-inspired home and body fragrance line founded by twin sisters Emily Bolf and Becca Stephens, is hosting a New Moon Party at Blue Suede Shoes + Wine on Tuesday, October 25 from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Tickets are $25 and each guest will receive a Deuxmoons New Moon travel candle, a journal, pen and envelope, and a glass of sparkling rosé from the Blue Suede bar before a ceremony led by esteemed intuit, spiritual coach and healer Peggy Rometo, a teacher with over two decades experiences who helps people discover and enhance their intuitive gifts. Deepak Chopra, Donna Karan, and Demi Moore are just a few of the notable names that praise Peggy’s extraordinary intuitive abilities and healing gifts.

New Moons mark the beginning of each new lunar cycle and create opportunities for a fresh start;  Deuxmoons New Moon candles combine yuzu’s distinctive citrus scent, sandalwood’s warmth and verdant floral notes to help encourage this journey. According to co-founder Becca Stephens, “New Moons are all about new beginnings and fresh starts, so we created a scent (and a mantra) to inspire and encourage the birth of new ideas and invite more abundance into your life.”  

“The New Moon is the time to set new goals and desires,” says Emily. “And this event is the perfect opportunity to take that first step you’ve been thinking about. We’re thrilled that Peggy Rometo will be leading us all for this New Moon ceremony and can’t wait to learn from her guidance.”

The October 25 New Moon is especially significant because it coincides with a partial solar eclipse, marking the start of eclipse season. Eclipses are known to bookend deeply transformative periods. At the event, Peggy will share more on the special energy this eclipse season brings with it, what it means for us, and how we can use intention setting to make the most of this moon cycle and transform ourselves in positive ways.

Guests at the event will be prompted to write down 3 (or more) things they want to let go of that no longer serve them. These things may be self-doubt, a tendency to procrastinate, a person who steals their energy, or maybe even just letting go of items in their closet they no longer need. This paper will then be torn up or set on fire and thrown into water. Afterwards, guests will write down three (or more) things they’d like to call in or manifest during this new moon cycle – anything from new love to renovating a room or writing 10 pages for a debut novel, the sky’s the limit! This paper will be put in an envelope to take home. For extra credit, guests can sleep with the envelope under their pillow the first night, knowing they are moving closer from dream to reality.

The evening closes out with guests mingling, sipping sparkling rosé and browsing the stunning shoes and jewelry and accessories (many by local artisans) at Blue Suede.

Blue Suede Shoes + Wine, started by best friends Jennifer Parkman and Cynthia McMillioan, often hosts fun events to bring people together to create. On October 23 they’re hosting a vision board workshop in the lounge!

And, like at the New Moon event on Oct. 25, they often have tarot card reader Snowy Rodeo on site doing readings.

Tickets (that also include discounts on Blue Suede Shoes + Wine’s shoes as well as candles from the Deuxmoons collection) are still available via Eventbrite:
Blue Suede Shoes + Wine is located at 1600 South 1st Street #120, Austin, TX 78704