Austin-based Solaris the Hii Priestess is a tarot reader, astrologer…and now a recently-published author! Solaris has written “Y.O.U. Your Own Universe,” a book for very young readers.

Solaris says, “‘Y.O.U. Your Own Universe’ is a children’s astrology book that offers a fun and engaging way to introduce young readers, aged 2 months to 4 years, to the wonders of the cosmos. Each planet is filled with its own unique character, making it easy for children to remember and engage with. With colorful illustrations and interactive exercises, this book will help children explore their own personality traits and talents while discovering the vastness of their own universe.”

Solaris considers herself a metaphysical therapist and has been practicing this sacred form of divination for almost a decade. She has been featured at various festivals, such as Mala Luna, SXSW, ACL and local music and art shows.

Solaris has an upcoming free book signing event at BookPeople on Saturday, September 2nd at 10:30 a.m. RSVP online to let BookPeople know you’re coming, and catch up with Solaris at