One way to celebrate the holidays is with crowd pleasing desserts, and Plugrà® European Style Butter can help. Pastry Chef Michelle Palazzo joined Rosie to share her expert tips on how to create a wonderful pie this season.

“The most important part of any pie is the buttery, flaky pie crust. To achieve that perfect crust, my number one tip is that better bitter matters,” she said.

Plugrà® European Style Butter has slow churn pliability and 82% butter fat, which is the French standard, making it a high quality ingredient in your dessert.

What are some tips to achieve a flaky crust?

“One tip to achieve a flaky crust is to chill all off your ingredients before hand, especially your butter. Also, as you’re hydrating your pie dough, you want to relax your dough. To do this, put it in the fridge at least 20 minutes before you roll it out.

You can also use the Blitz Puff Stacking Method, so to do this, as you’re hydrating your pie dough you are laying your butter and dough on top of itself, and what that does is creates a croissant-like crust. My second technique is the blind bake technique, where you partially cook your pie shell and then add the filling. This reduces any shrinking and will keep your shell crispy.”

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