Pest protection for your whole family that’s powerful, safe, and easy to use can be hard to find. Stephanie Boone, founder of Wondercide, stopped by Studio 512 to tell us about her products.

How did Wondercide get started, and how are you changing the way pet owners protect their pets and families from pests?

“I thought I was keeping my family safe by using common flea and tick medication and pest control services for our home. But when my dog Luna experienced devastating side effects, I knew there had to be a better way.

I founded Wondercide to protect pets, families, and homes without harsh chemicals — and it’s sourced, manufactured and shipped in Austin. Today, our natural products protect packs of every kind, everywhere. Our mission is to educate and empower Pack Leaders to keep their loved ones protected as safely as possible.”

What’s new at Wondercide? How are you continuing to evolve?

“I’m a happy mother of two, and a new pet parent. We recently launched a new line of pest protection wipes for cats and small dogs.”

Why did you choose to get involved with Clear the Shelters?

“Making the world a safer, happier place for animals is our mission. We donate a lot of time and resources to various causes, charities, events, etc. and this particular event was close to home for us because we have a lot of rescues in our office, including Roosevelt. “

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