Local mom, Sarah Brunet, and her daughter, Madison joined Studio 512 to talk about free website resources for parents and kids that Sarah has created.

Sarah says, “My background is in accounting and HR, but social marketing is new to me. The Homeroom Parent and Club and Booster websites are some examples of what we’re trying to promote. I have been active with our local PTA and with various non-profits and noticed that we were juggling between a lot of different sites. So, I created two websites to help parents/ guardians manage communication, sign-ups, wishlists, etc for their classrooms and clubs.

“Homeroom Parent and Club and Booster are setup similar, but they are targeted to different audiences. Homeroom Parent is great for communication, especially if you have more than one child in school – you can see all of the information together, or for a particular classroom.

“For example, for the calendar, a homeroom parent can link the ISD, PTA or PTO, school, and classroom calendars and see them all together. Parents with multiple children can see all of the classroom and school calendars in one place. It also has a message board where announcements can be posted and parents can ask questions. For the signups, if you have a class party and you sign up to bring different things to all of your children’s classrooms, this helps manage it for you for simplicity. Also, you can add your teacher favorites on this list, so the teacher isn’t getting 25 mugs. There is a spot that provides you party ideas, this definitely helps if you are a first time homeroom parent or just not creative. The great thing about this is – it is completely free. If your class doesn’t have a homeroom parent, a Teacher can set this up, too. Lastly, there is a fundraising spot that if you trying to raise money for your classroom or school, this is a perfect spot to track it. (I will have the screen up behind me, so you can follow along).

“Club and Booster is very similar, but this can be used for clubs and boosters in school and out of school. If you belong to Sertoma, Rotary, Kiwainis Club and/or a sports group, and you are a team manager, this can help you with communication. Team snacks sign up for that week. The calendar would be used for the city holidays or the groups events, such as games, fundraisers, or banquet.

“Also, my daughter, Madi was introduced to the game MASH at her friends house and loved it. She wanted to play it with our family and we didn’t have a pen, but we had a napkin. She thought of having it online but add a twist and if you didn’t have a partner to play with that you can choose the automated box and it would come up with something silly or different for you.

“We would love for people to check out the website HomeroomParent.com, ClubAndBooster.com, and WassupGaming.com. We are excited to share these free sites!”