It’s Woman Crush Wednesday and we were so happy to have our woman crush in-studio with us! Samantha Olvera is the first woman to distill bourbon from grain to glass in Texas, and she came over from Hye to talk to us about how she got started in this majority-male business.

Samantha is currently Nighttime Distiller at Garrison Brothers Distillery, the first corn-to-cork bourbon distillery in America opened outside of Kentucky, and the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas.
She recently spearheaded a successful effort to bring a branch of the Bourbon Women Association to Texas. Learn more about that organization at

Samantha is obviously partial to bourbon — but it’s especially easy to celebrate on National Bourbon Day, which is June 14th!

To learn more about where Samantha works, Garrison Brothers Distillery, check them out in person in Hye in the Hill Country. For more information about their whiskey, go to, or follow them on social media, @GarrisonBros.

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