Local independent author Janet Dutcher was recommended to Studio 512 by a previously-featured “crush,” Jeanne Chauvin. Janet joined Studio 512 to talk about her newest release, “Hunter Reins,” and about how Austin is inspirational to her writing.

“I moved here from the smallest state of Rhode Island to the largest state eight years ago. I fell in love with Austin so much that it inspired me to write my first fiction book which I published in July of 2015. I recently wrote my second fiction book Hunter Reins, which is set in an apocalyptic future. It revolves around one man’s survival, justice, peace and the love he finds with a remarkable woman. Of course living here in Texas, I envisioned my character being a cowboy.

“I feel that I would not have found my passion, talent and the amount of inspiration that I have for writing if it were not for my move here. Austin brings out this talent in me! It’s such a fun city to live in! I have been getting a tremendous amount of good and positive feedback on my recent book Hunter Reins.”

To learn more about “Hunter Reins,” as well as Janet’s first book, “Samuel and the Soldiers of Heaven,” go to JanetDutcher.com.