Studio 512 is featuring a viewer submission for Woman Crush Wednesday: it’s Jeanne Chauvin, who currently is in her 15th year of teaching at Life Time in South Austin!

A snippet of Jeanne’s viewer submission: “I am fiercely loyal to her classes, though as are many of her students. I find it frustrating that more people don’t know how good she is. She isn’t just good for 61; she is fit for someone 20-25 years her junior! The lady can teach, do 100s of push-ups on demand, teach kickboxing and barbell classes all day…and I’d like to see her get a little brief exposure to the world if possible.”

Jeanne was on a nationally-recognized drill time in high school, and once she graduated, she started looking for a way to apply her skills. She started over 35 years ago teaching group fitness at places like “The Waist Basket” and “Body Business,” saying that she used to have to pick one artist to put on a record player to use for a whole class! (Wow, how technology has changed!)

Jeanne prides herself on picking great pump-up music nowadays, as well as giving students the most “bang for their buck” by keeping them moving for the duration of the 45-minute workout. She teaches at Life Time five days a week – including early morning sessions at 5:30 – and she turns 61 at the end of August.

Check out group fitness schedules to grab a class with Jeanne at Lifetime.Life