Studio 512’s Woman Crush Wednesday features Alice Arterberry of Arterberry Cooke – a women-owned design and architecture firm with headquarters in Austin, Texas. Alice she breathes new life and reimagines living environments ranging from old colonial-style homes to gut renovations, and everything in between.

Alice’s contemporary viewpoint stems from her extensive background in architecture and landscape, and she brings complementary skills from both arenas to her innovative design approach. As a native of Boston with an affinity for New England’s natural beauty, Alice takes inspiration from the classic backdrops of historic Boston, Walden Pond, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard. Her work took her to Southern California where she met her business partner Barrett Cooke, and spent 15 years honing her craft and falling in love with the outdoor lifestyle, diversity of Southern California’s bountiful landscapes, and focusing on the balance between built environment and landscape design.

Prior to co-founding Arterberry Cooke, Alice worked at architectural firms specializing in the design and construction of public sector projects, including schools, community centers, parks and housing. Alice is a licensed architect in the state of Texas and holds a professional degree of Architecture from Woodbury University.

Alice says that Arterberry Cooke transforms each living environment to a personal sanctuary, creating elegant spaces that are expertly designed to last for generations to come. The full service firm offers high-touch, comprehensive design and architecture services from construction administration, permitting, and project management to landscape design, interior design, material selection and more. Learn more about the firm’s approach to home design and renovation at