Lance Roberson of shared helpful information of freezing temps and what it means for our gardens, grass, and trees.

After the first hard freeze of the year here’s what we see in general: Broadleaf Perennials lost their leaves, like salvias and verbena, daisies. Grasses turned dormant look at the medians. Bermuda, St Augustin etc. Last few leaves fall off trees like crepe myrtles.

Freezes aren’t all equal, USDA plant hardiness zones separate geographic areas into similar winter weather, and are often placed on labels to show how cold a plant can tolerate, we are in zone 8B, which means our typical year we get down to 15-20 degrees. (Link to map

Lance’s tip to know if a freeze will effect your plants:
When water in cups and buckets freeze solid outside overnight and are frozen through the day, this is a good indicator it will effect your plants.

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