What Are My Colors? How To Determine What Looks Best On You With Greer Image Consulting

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There’s a reason we feel we “glow” in some looks: in the fashion world, the wheels of color that look best on you are broken up into seasonal palettes. Raquel Greer Gordian of Greer Image Consulting chatted with Studio 512 about how to find your best colors, and how to use them in styling.

Each “season” has different qualities that are based on the tones in your hair, eyes and skin:

  • Spring: warm, light, bright colors
  • Summer: cool, light, muted colors
  • Autumn: warm, dark, muted colors
  • Winter: cool, dark, bright colors

Raquel holds color swatches up near clients’ faces, in front of a mirror, in a first personal styling appointment: the palette that “lights you up,” catches gleams in your eyes and gives you a healthy glow is the palette for you!

Importantly, palettes don’t preclude you from buying or wearing any color: it’s all about the tone of that color that you choose. Raquel demonstrated all four seasons with different uses of blue for Studio 512.

Your season can change! If you dye your hair a different color, or the tan you get in the summer drastically changes your skin tone, or you wear colored contacts, a different seasonal palette can be better suited for you. Spring and autumn can swap, and so can summer and winter. Checking with a personal stylist is a great way to stay up-to-date with what colors make you shine.

Raquel offers virtual and in-person shopping, and she offers both options for styling, too. Follow her blog and learn more about her services at www.greerimageconsulting.com.

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