Rosie and Steph rounded up their weekend. Here’s a look at what they got up to:


Steph stopped by her favorite local boutique, Estilo to visit her friend, Stephanie Coultress O’Neill and was so excited to see a picture of Stephanie in the latest issue of National publication, OK! Magazine! She recently styled local celebrity Adrian Grenier and was featured in the magazine for it! You can check out the picture in the segment above. Speaking of Adrian Grenier, Steph started watching his latest Netflix release ‘Clickbait’ and she’s hooked! Steph also took a quick trip out to the country to help her husband clean up his deer stand in time for hunting season. She finished up the weekend with a trip to Target and found something special for Rosie! You’ll have to watch the segment to see Rosie’s reaction!


Rosie had a typical adult weekend: she caught up on a few great shows (“Ted Lasso” is currently an office favorite!) and did chores like laundry and dishes. Not a self-proclaimed lover of the kitchen, Rosie did make a recipe that she thought was really delicious! It was suggested by Kim Eagle of Earn That Body ( and it comes from SkinnyTaste blogger, Gina. It has quinoa, peppers, chiles, cheese, avocado, beans, corn, cilantro and more. It’s really filling, and great for you! Check out the recipe here: