Happy Monday! Rosie and Steph chatted about what they did over the weekend, which included an eventful trip to the Austin Gilgronis Rugby home opener.

The Gilgronis play at Bold Stadium, which is located out at Circuit of the Americas. This is an awesome, family-friendly event, with social distancing enforced. What’s cool to see is that, since rugby traditionally hasn’t had a large American following, there are a lot of other countries represented at the games: Rosie and Steph saw Scottish facemasks, Irish tracksuits and more.

One of the tricky hurdles to rugby, if you’ve never seen it, is that your brain wants it to follow some of the well-known rules of football and soccer, but it doesn’t. Good news, though: sports personality Jim Knox is doing a series on rugby terms to help out! The game is divided into 2 40-minute halves, and the final score for the opening game was 28-30, Utah. It was a nail-biter at the end!

During halftime, Rosie and Steph had the opportunity for a “dizzy bat drop kick” game — and Steph did great! Dale Dudley of the Dudley & Bob With Matt Show thought Studio 512 was a hair salon, though…oops. We’re told we’re getting an apology today between 3-7 p.m. on KLBJ: let us know if you hear it!

The next Gilgronis match is this Sunday, the 28th — and it’s a Singles Mingles event — against San Diego Legion. You can still get tickets, and if you stay at home, you can watch every game of this season live on our sister station, KBVO.