Invited to a wedding this summer, and not sure what to wear? Raquel Greer Gordian of Greer Image Consulting has some tips so that you strike the right note at every gathering!

Raquel says, “First, remember to keep FLRT in mind:

…then have fun!

“Go with a bold color. Forget the old rules of just letting the bride shine. When you wear something that you don’t love, you can’t lean into the fun of the wedding, and that’s exactly what you should do. So go bold with a vibrant jewel tone or spring bright.

“Let it be sexy. If the bride is someone who appreciates the wilder side of life, celebrate her (and you!) with something fabulous like a sweetheart neckline, a cut-out dress, or a two-piece set.

“Bring on the celebration with a vibrant pattern or eye-catching color blocking. A special occasion is the perfect time for a pattern that would feel like too much for everyday. Go with you gut. If you are like ‘OMG, yes!’ when you see a print, chances are you should give it a try.”

Raquel offers virtual and in-person shopping, and she’s offering both options for styling, too. Follow her blog and learn more about her services at