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Before the pandemic started some members of our KXAN family held their second annual “Hot Sauce Challenge.” It is a test of willpower, strength, and to see if you can handle the heat. Each round participants eat a chicken nugget (or vegan nugget) dipped in increasingly spicy hot sauces until they get through all ten flavors. We provided milk, cheeses and other snacks to help stifle the heat and in the end only the toughest of competitors climbed our hot sauce mountain. We’ve listed the hot sauces used below if you’d like to participate in your own version of the “Hot Sauce Challenge”.

1) Humble House Guajillo & Red Jalapeno2,100 Scoville Units

This third sauce from the San Antonio kitchen of Humble House is a well balanced red jalapeño and fresh garlic masterpiece. The guajillo peppers add a nice sweet touch to this south of the border Sriracha, landing at a solid mild heat level.

2) El Yucateco Caribbean Habanero Hot Sauce 5,790 Scoville Units

This Caribbean-style hot sauce may be made in Mexico, but it is chock full of habanero peppers and island flavors. Use El Yucateco Caribbean Hot Sauce as an all-purpose habanero sauce when you want to add some real fire to your food. Makes a great everyday table sauce for the serious chili-head who has outgrown ordinary supermarket hot sauces. Incomparable flavor and heat.

3) Pirate’s Lantern Pepper Sauce7,500 Scoville Units

This hot sauce is a Bajan beauty. Made by two brothers in Brooklyn, they’ve recreated their family recipe honed on the island of Barbados. Tropical scotch bonnet peppers are matched with the pungency of mustard and aromatic horseradish. A bit of dark rum from the homeland provides just enough sweetness to keep everything in balance. Try it on sausages, in a sandwich, or smothered on roast beef or brisket.

4) Hot Ones Los Calientes36,000 Scoville Units

Hot Ones is the show where celebrities divulge their deepest secrets while eating progressively hotter wings. The middle of the lineup is where hot sauce magic happens—the perfect sweet spot between maximum flavor and pleasing heat. Inspired by favorite Cali-Mex flavors, Los Calientes surfs over the palate with a punchy, smoky blend of serrano and habanero chiles, sweet fruit, and tart tomatillo. Slather it on wings, tacos, pizza, or just about anything that needs an extra kick.

5) Clark and Hopkins Assam 55,000 Scoville Units

Inspired by the sauce maker Clark+Hopkins travels, Assam is a delicious journey through the tastes of Northern India. Using the region’s native Ghost Pepper (aka Bhut Jolokia), this hot sauce is almost past the “medium heat” threshold but is off the scale in terms of flavor! Tamarind and curry seasonings round out this very special sauce. Try marinating chicken before putting it on the grill for a flavor-packed treat.

6) Adoboloco Fiya!Fiya!77,000 Scoville Units

This newest sauce from Adoboloco stays true to the maker’s Hawaiian roots with a ton of tangy apple cider vinegar but kicks it up a notch with a blend of four hot peppers including ghost, Trinidad scorpion, habanero & jalapeno. Rounded out with sea salt and garlic, Fiya! Fiya! is their hottest yet but is still usable for everyday applications. It’s super versatile, so try it on tacos, eggs, wings, sandwiches and everything in between.

7) Bravado Spice Company AKA Miso Ghost Reaper 116,000 Scoville Units

Blazing hot chilis meet savory Aka Miso to create the perfect umami bomb. Buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride.

8) Da Bomb Beyond Insanity 135,600 Scoville Units

Beyond Insanity! Pure Habanero Pepper enhanced with habanero-infused flavor create a sauce Wicked beyond belief! From Kansas.

9) Karma Sauce Burn After Eating669,000 Scoville Units

Imbued with a unique flavor thanks to green mango, ajwain and hing powder. Forged with a top-secret blend of super hots that may or may not include Ghost, Scorpion, Reaper, 7 Pot Brown and 7 Pot Primo. This isn’t a sauce you eat, it’s one you survive.

10) Hot Ones The Last Dab XXX 2,000,000+ Scoville Units

CAUTION! The hottest sauce on Hot Ones cranks the spice level even higher with this special XXX-rated version of the Last Dab. Three distinct strains of Smokin’ Ed Currie’s most infamous chili-pepper, Pepper X, Chocolate Pepper X, and Peach Pepper X, combine to smoke out celebrity guests and fans alike. Add a dab to your favorite foods and live the Hot Ones tradition!

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