Wanderlust Wine Company is based in Austin, Texas and known to be the largest wine on tap winery in the world!

Wanderlust offers wines from around the world and local Texas wines, too!

Owner Sammy Lam joined Studio 512 to tell us more.

Both of their locations offer an interactive self- pouring experience allowing you to be your own sommelier, pouring at your own pace and budget. Wanderlust has an extensive wine list that’s continuously rotating between upwards of 56+ wines on tap at their downtown Austin location and 80+ wines on tap at their East Austin location.

Serving wine in keg format works toward their global mission to reduce the carbon footprint and waste that is created by wine bottles. The self-pour experience is unique and fun allowing patrons to sample a variety of options and creating their own flights and tasting experiences.

There are so many options outside of white, rose and red wines to try, including wine-based cocktails, cider, wine based gelatin shots, frozen wine based drinks, sparkling meads and more!

There is bound to be something for all palates and preferences. Come for the wine, but stay for the live music and events that Wanderlust is continuously curating on a daily basis.

Wanderlust has one of the most sought after Sunday Drag Brunches in town at the Eastside location! Visit one of their two establishments and enjoy the “Keep Austin Weird” vibes, plenty of board and card games to play with friends, and rotating local Austin food trucks!

Share a glass of wine from around the world with Wanderlust Wine Co. and feel a part of a great cause and a one of a kind experience. “Travel the World Through Wine, One Flight at a Time”.