This Fall, the W Hotel is hosting a new event in partnership with Waterloo Records called, Off the Wall.

To celebrate, they will launch a new cocktail called, The McIntosh, named after the record player brand. The Mcintosh Manhattan is made with bourbon and apple.

Julia Hodges joined Studio 512 to tell us more about the event, and Senior Jorge Rodriguez, the Food and Beverage Manager, demoed the cocktail.

RECIPE: McIntosh Manhattan

-2.5oz Crown Apple

-.5oz Sweet vermouth

-.75oz Maple syrup

-3 dashes of aromatic bitters

-Garnished with a luxardo cherry 

The next event will take place on Monday, October 17th.

Off the Wall will take place in W Austin’s Record Room, home to a collection of 8,000 records.

Attendees can pull a vinyl off the wall and have it played on the McIntosh turntable. There will be specialty cocktails and half-off select bottles of wine. Additionally, guests can shop or trade records with Waterloo Records.