Get ready to enjoy the outdoors worry-free by enrolling in Verizon Mobile Protect or any other device protection option now. Enjoy some peace of mind no matter how active you get with Verizon Mobile Protect, which offers essentials like unlimited cracked screen repair for select smartphones for $29 each time you need it. Because you need your tech fixed (and fast) when accidents happen. It also includes extras like premium digital security tools and 24/7 access to tech coach support.

With warm weather coming, more of us will be lacing up our sneakers and getting back outside. Verizon’s Steve Van Dinter is here to share the tech you’ll need to stay active. And, we’ll learn more about how to protect our tech year-round. Let’s start with the best smartphone pick.

“If you’re headed outside, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is an amazing 5G device that will keep you connected everywhere – from the trails to the local park. You can snap scenic vistas and the kids splashing at the waterpark in amazing detail. I’m talking 200 megapixels – which means you can zoom in on wildlife, waterfalls, and anything in the distance. It also means perfect selfie videos with a 4K front-facing camera that will look great even on the largest screens back at home.”

“And if you’re looking to switch we’ve got a special offer just for folks in the Austin area. For a limited time walk into a Verizon store right now with your current phone, and walk out with a single-line plan for just $45 a month with AutoPay.”

How about some fitness devices that help us on our wellness journey?

“First up, the Fitbit Inspire 3. This device is so smart it can recognize 20 different exercises based on your movement. Those steps and your heart rate are recorded and shared with your Fitbit app. You can challenge a friend on the app to be more active as well — and just try to keep up with you! If you wear it while sleeping, the Fitbit will show you how well you slept as well.”

Great stuff for those of us on the go. What other wearable devices make sense to keep us active?

“This is where the Google Pixel Watch comes into play. It also has the smarts to keep track of your steps and sleep — and its LTE chip lets you receive calls and text messages even when your phone is at home on the charger. With Google Maps built in, you won’t get lost looking for the newest juice bar after the workout. And when you pair it with some Bluetooth headphones like the Galaxy Buds2 Pro you can get motivated with your favorite playlists.”

“And if you’re taking your phone out and about, you want to make sure it’s protected. And that begins with a case. I recommend the Otterbox Symmetry case. Not only is it tough as nails, it also comes in a spring color like this lilac.”

“While cases can help protect your phone from getting a cracked screen, they’re not foolproof. That’s where Verizon Mobile Protect comes into play and you should get it before you need it. For a low monthly charge starting at just $17 per line with an eligible device ($14 for some lower-tier devices), you get to leave your phone at home while tracking your workout and staying connected.”

We’ve all had more than our fair share of accidents with our smartphones: drops and dings, and spills into the water – you know what I’m talking about. What happens then?

“You’re right! Spring is the time of year when we start to see more people with damaged smartphones, as they tend to be more active and spend more time outdoors. This year, on average, more than 19 million people will have their phones lost, stolen, or damaged. That’s more than 52,000 phones each day, 2,100 phones every hour, and 36 phones every minute.”

  • Same-day delivery and setup of new and replacement smartphones or new devices purchased from
  • Unlimited cracked screen repair for $29 each time you need it
  • Battery replacement for select smartphones
  • 24/7 Tech Coach support
  • 24/7 Security Advisor

How easy is it to signup for Verizon Mobile Protect?

“Until April 13, existing Verizon customers can sign up for Verizon Mobile Protect or any other device protection option that fits their needs. If you have three lines with eligible devices on an account (but not more than 10 lines) it’s $50 per month with VMPMD (Multi-Device) and you get coverage for three registered lines, so when accidents happen your family is covered.”

“Normally, you can only add protection within 30 days of purchasing a new device, but for a limited time, existing Verizon customers can add Verizon Mobile Protect or any other device protection option that fits their needs to an existing line. As long as your devices are fully functioning, free of defects and not damaged (including cracked screens), they’re eligible to enroll.”

To learn more about Verizon Mobile Protect, visit or visit a Verizon store near you.

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