If you haven’t picked out your gifts yet, the days are ticking down and the countdown is on. But no need to stress.

Liz Maly, a Verizon tech expert, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about some great last-minute tech gift ideas you can get just in time for the big day.

“No matter your age, a new phone is probably near the top of your wishlist. And this year, my favorite is the new Google Pixel 7 Pro. Its camera is going to ensure your holiday photos come out exactly as you remember them — even in low light. And speaking of pictures, not only can you remove unwanted photobombs with a magic eraser…but new this year is face and photo unblur. Meaning even if you aren’t the best at taking photos, your phone will help ensure they always turn out great. And this feature even works on some of those old holiday photos you have lying around. Just snap a shot of it and use photo unblur to bring those holiday memories back into focus. It also sports back cameras that have wide, ultrawide, and telephoto lenses! And it connects to Verizon’s rapidly expanding 5G Ultra Wideband network so sending those memories to loved ones can happen faster than Santa can get down a chimney.”

What if we already updated to a new phone – what else is a good companion piece of tech to our new devices?

“But let’s say your loved one already has a new 5G phone, do they have the latest and greatest smartwatch? New this year is the Google Pixel Watch — the perfect companion to the Pixel 7 or any Android phone. Check out this design – it’s definitely a standout with its polished domed circular design. And not only can you make calls, send and receive messages, or see the current weather with it, it also is the only smartwatch that pairs this capability with the smarts of Fitbit – helping keep your loved one healthier by tracking sleep, exercising, and even detecting if they fall. Plus, it connects to Verizon’s LTE network so if you’ve got a runner in the family they can pair this watch to their Bluetooth headset and stream their favorite songs without sweating over staying connected.”

What’s out there for music lovers?

“Maybe music is more their style? I’ve got a great suggestion for you. For amazing audio and a battery that’ll last to grandmother’s house and back, look no further than the Bose Sport Earbuds. Simple touch controls make it easy to change songs, use your voice assistant or take calls. And, a microphone array separates your voice from surrounding noises. These quiet earbuds are the perfect gift for the active person in your life, the person who’s always conducting business on their phone, or the commuter. The case also doubles as a charger so these buds are always powered up and ready to go.”

“And when you’re ready to start rocking around the tree, you’re going to want to make sure the Altec Lansing Rockbox is on hand. This Bluetooth portable speaker packs a powerful punch and can make the mood even more festive with its lighting effects. And the lighting is customizable based on your playlist! Plus, not only is it waterproof but it floats – and that makes it the perfect winter getaway companion as well!”

Any other great deals or last-minute offers we should be aware of?

“Who says you can’t get a good deal even when you waited maybe a bit too long?! Well, in addition to getting a free 5G phone when you trade in your old phone, this week you also get a new smartwatch, tablet, earbuds, and more – so you can get a gift for you – and a gift to give to someone else – on us! Check out more on verizon.com/deals!”

“Or stop by our local stores. You can also order online and pick them up in-store – even in a locker – just lots of ways to get your gifts just in the St. Nick of time!”         

Thanks Liz. And you can also check out the QR code in the video and scan it with your smartphone for more details. Open your camera app, center the code, hold steady and tap the notification link.

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