Studio 512 fans know that Patrick Floyd of Austin Aloha is a big UT football supporter, and he’s jazzed about UT’s first win at the home opener on September 4th against the Ragin’ Cajuns! All eyes turn now to the away game against the Arkansas Razorbacks on September 11th. Patrick weighs in on his thoughts.

Patrick’s interpretation of McConaughey’s “Alright” Scale:

  • Single Alright — Optimistically adequate
  • Double Alright — Goals
  • Triple Alright — Dreams

Patrick’s first official “triple alright” goes to Loreal Sarkisian’s fabulous UT outfit during the home opener. Hook ’em, Horns!

Patrick plans to post “Cool Dad Recaps” following UT football games this year. Patrick says, “Spoiler alert: the game recaps will be digressive by design.”

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