If you’re a small business owner looking for a way to get targeted feedback specific to your location or services then AirVote might be for you. AirVote is a new way you can get instant customer reviews. Rosie sat down with Dmitri Poukhovski and Angelique Denneman to talk about their app, AirVote.

Dmitri and Angelique, you don’t sound like you are originally from the area where did you move/come from?

Dmitri is originally from Russia and Angelique from the Netherlands. We (together with our son Rick) moved last year from the Seattle area in Washington. Together with our dog Rocky, snake, and turtle, we drove to Texas with a truck full of cows. Our son settled in Stephenville and is farming dairy and beef and we ended up in Austin because of Dmitri’s work.

When did you start developing AirVote and how did you come up with the idea?

Dmitri started developing around August/September of last year. The idea to give feedback in an easy way was very appealing. We always wanted to develop a system that could help people to express themselves “on-the-go”.

What is your final goal with the business?

We see AirVote becoming a natural way to connect customers to business owners. We would like to have a reputation of being informal with questions and let the business owners improvise and use it as they see fit for them. Bottom line – every time we help a business instantly pinpoint a small issue and fix it before it grows big, it makes AirVote more successful.

AirVote invites business owners to create closer connections with their customers. For more information check them out at www.Air-Vote.com.

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