In a world increasingly focused on environmental responsibility, two high school seniors are leading the charge toward a more sustainable future. Samuel Crowson and Walter Richard, students at St. Andrew’s in Austin, have harnessed their entrepreneurial spirit and established Tarrytown Turf, a business aimed at saving homeowners time, money, and water with water-efficient landscaping installations.

Pioneering a Green Change

While many businesses are focusing on high-tech solutions to our environmental challenges, Tarrytown Turf has taken a foundational approach by addressing the very ground we walk on. Recognizing the critical need for water-efficient lawns in Austin, given its unpredictable rainfall patterns and increasing population, the company has targeted this vital aspect of urban living.

Mission Sustainability

Tarrytown Turf’s goal transcends merely offering a product or service; they’re advocating for a fundamental shift in residential landscaping. Their approach is two-fold: providing water-saving lawn alternatives and bolstering community awareness. The team emphasizes education, offering workshops and outreach programs to ensure households are well-versed in the multifaceted benefits of sustainable lawns.

Redefining Home Sustainability

With Tarrytown Turf, home sustainability undergoes a broadened definition. While many perceive sustainable living as merely a matter of installing solar panels or composting, Tarrytown Turf’s efforts highlight the significance of every home element. From the choice of plants to the grass that covers our lawns, every decision plays a role in our ecological footprint.

Making it Accessible 

 By offering water-efficient landscaping solutions, the company empowers homeowners to significantly cut down on maintenance costs and water bills. Through a partnership with a financial lender for sustainable home solutions, Tarrytown Turf makes these innovative upgrades accessible with low monthly payments or even a popular 12-month zero-payment option.

A Commitment to Innovation

The journey of Tarrytown Turf offers valuable lessons in innovation, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. Faced with challenges inherent to any startup, the team’s resolve and clear vision have set them apart. Their story is a testament to the impact of commitment and a clear vision, irrespective of one’s age or experience.

Dive Deeper with Tarrytown Turf

For a closer look at Tarrytown Turf’s mission and future plans, we have an exclusive interview with the founders. Here, they discuss their inspirations, how their business functions,  and their aspirations for Austin and beyond.
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