Sono Bello is America’s #1 cosmetic surgery specialist; the company is celebrating performing over 250,000 procedures nationwide. They have been in the Austin area for over a decade providing body contouring and fat removal services. Patient Care Expert, Bailey Jones, joined Studio 512 to talk more about what Sono Bello has to offer.

What can people expect when they come to Sono Bello?

“Initially, the patient will come in and meet with a Patient Care Consultant for a consultation. Our role is to understand what the problem areas are for the patient, their goals, and then explain the procedure and what to expect. We are here for you to hold your hand and guide you throughout the beautification process to the new you. Once the consult is concluded, a meet-and-greet with the surgeon will be scheduled where the candidate can address any concerns they might have and ask any procedural questions.

“The procedure is done in our accredited surgical center with local anesthesia, versus having to go under general anesthesia. Most of our patients are awake yet sleepy, and listening to music throughout the experience. The procedure is typically a few hours long and most patient take just a few days off for recovery. I most frequently hear that the surgery was much easier than they anticipated.”

How does Sono Bello help people get rid of “trouble spots?”

“Most patients that come in have problem areas that they feel diet and exercise just isn’t helping with, and some are simply looking for a jump start to keep them motivated because they get faster results. We want our patients to walk away from this experience with their confidence back, feeling better about themselves in their clothes and in their overall lives!

“Sono Bello’s mission is to transform peoples’ lives, build confidence and inspire you to live your best life today!”

Learn more about Sono Bello’s services and schedule your free consultation by going to You can also see real patient results on social media, @SonoBello.

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