Alex Wheatley Bell, Beverage Director of Aviary Wine & Kitchen, hopped on live with Studio 512 to talk about Aviary’s new “Tastebud Teleportation” packs. These packs are specially-curated boxes of 6 bottles of wine with a single country in mind, and they include a handwritten note and postcard from the Aviary crew, shipped with love!

Alex took Rosie and Steph on a “trip” to Greece, including sparkling rosé, white Syrah, orange and red wines. Greece is one of the oldest wine-making regions in the world, and these wines sample different grapes and regions of the country.

Aviary is also doing #VirtualVino: a collection of online classes, run through Zoom, in which participants get the experience of visiting a winery across the world as Aviary hosts different “celebrity” winemakers. These specialists join in and share some insight into their landscape, their history, and their delicious wines!

If you’re a ceviche fan, you’re in luck! Aviary Wine & Kitchen is hosting an upcoming collaboration with Nixta Taqueria’s to put on “Cevercheria!” On Tuesday, October 29th, Aviary Chef Andre Molina and Chef Edgar Rico are bringing their ceviche cravings to life with a pop up event on the patio at Aviary! Both Chefs will be curating a total of 5 different ceviches that showcase their love affair with the flavors of this beautifully refreshing Mexican & Peruvian staple. To run alongside these saline & citrus offerings, Alex will be crafting 3 different sangrias to pair that will feature both classical and unique takes one of the world’s most refreshing and slightly dangerous beverages (dangerous because who can’t always have another glass of sangria!). Sangria will be offered as a flight of all 3, but also available to be ordered a la carte as well. Chef Andre & Chef Edgar will be utilizing all gulf based selections brought to us by purveyor Ben McBride of Heritage Seafoods, who focuses entirely on sustainable and responsible fishing practices. Watch out, there may even be a live demonstration of the breakdown of a selection of fish by Ben through the front window that guests will be able to peer in on as they arrive! The event will be a “Til It’s All Gone” style of affair, with the chefs cranking ceviches out until there is no fish left! Reservations start at 4 p.m.

Dining at Aviary is currently patio-only, and reservations are required. Learn more about Tastebud Teleportation, #VirtualVino, Cevercheria and other upcoming events at Aviary by checking out their website,