Back-to-school may look a little different this year, but it will still taste just as good with Lick Honest Ice Creams’ back-to-school flavor lineup featuring the return of beloved flavors
like PB & J, as well as new additions like Orange Plumsicle! The entire selection of back-to-school flavors is now available at Lick Honest Ice Creams’ Austin and San Antonio
Scoop Shops—online ordering available at

The Back-to-School lineup:
• NEW Orange Plumsicle: Lick’s take on a dreamsicle made by blending tart Austin
Orchards plum jam with creamy orange fromage blanc ice cream made with River
Whey Creamery’s St. Clements cheese
• NEW Ice Cream Cake Confetti: Bits of homemade caramel, vanilla and chocolate
ice cream sandwiches folded with homemade Color Kitchen rainbow sprinkles in
Lick’s cream vanilla ice cream
• NEW Caramel Brownie Swirl (vegan): homemade brownies folded into caramel
crème ice cream with chocolate sauce swirled throughout
• NEW Coconut Chocolate Chip (vegan): SRSLY Chocolate Chips and lightly toasted
coconut flakes in Lick’s creamy coconut ice cream
• Berry Corn Cobbler: Texas’ best berries baked into a buttery, gluten free cobbler
and crumbled into Lick’s Sweet Cream ice cream
• Fromage & Fig: Sweet jam made from scratch with local Urban Roots figs balanced
by the delicate tartness of River Whey Creamery Fromage Blanc, a fresh cheese
made right here in Texas
• Milk & Cookies: Brown Sugar ice cream and Lick’s homemade oatmeal chocolate
chunk cookie dough
• PB & J: Creamy peanut butter ice cream and a swirl of tart grape jelly made inhouse
with locally harvested grapes
• Plum Jam & Chocolate: Locally foraged Mexican plums cooked down to a thick
jam then blended in Lick’s ice cream base with speckles of SRSLY Chocolate
• Ranch Road: Malted SRSLY Chocolate ice cream studded with toasted pecans and
homemade vanilla marshmallows
• Seven Layer Bar: Mounds of Texas pecans, toasted coconut, SRSLY Chocolate and
Lick’s own buttery graham cracker crisp layered into homemade butterscotch ice

Order to go at the scoop shops (which are open!) or through the online form. Lick also offers free local pint delivery in Austin and San Antonio, and nationwide shipping via Goldbelly.