Kim Eagle with Earn That Body says that fall is a great time to reset and give your health a second look. “I say this all the time: September feels like a second New Year’s event! The kids are back in school, vacations are complete, and we are all ready to dial it back in! Just like we feel after the holidays when we hit the new year!

“This is a great time to get things back on track stat! Why? Because the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye! Halloween is next month, and if you have any summer weight to shed or just feel like you need to clean up your diet…now is the time! It only gets harder to do as the holidays approach.”

Check out Kim’s tips to get back on track:

“If you have some unhealthy leftover treats in the kitchen from summer, it’s time to get rid of them. If your family wants them, make them put them in a cabinet that is out of sight for you.”

“Then, once you cleanse the cabinets of unhealthy foods, it is time to FILL THEM BACK UP with lots of healthy choices. Make sure you have easy to grab snacks like almonds, walnuts, fruit, yogurt, string cheese, etc. If you have healthy food in the kitchen, you are more likely to eat healthy food!”

“Eating one serving of most foods is all you need. Quantities of food get a little out of control sometimes. I find that going back to measuring that maple syrup, serving of cereal or even amount of salsa can help you get things back on track. Usually one serving (listed on a package) is all you need…but certainly dependent on your size, activity level, etc.”

“Put the workouts into that calendar. On the weekend, plan for the week ahead. List every workout (what type of workout and how long the workout will be) in your planner. This helps ensure you get it done and check it off that list each day.”

“If you know you are going to need accountability to make this all happen, join us in the Real Food Reset! We will all be RESETTING our nutrition & health together!”

Kim wants people to have healthy, sustainable weight loss. Sign up for 5 weeks of virtual tutorials that will help you get stronger and more fit. The 5 Week Earn That Body Program that includes personalized nutrition and a full workout program! To learn more about Kim’s services, check out her website. You can also give her a follow on social media, @EarnThatBody, for inspiration.