Adeina Anderson of joined Rosie of Studio 512 to talk about some travel tips and more from Yellowstone National Park. Tune in to hear advice on the following:

Summer Travel Must-Haves & Advice
1. What you need to pack for your summer adventure.
   – How to prepare for a trip to the mountains.
   – How to prepare for a trip to the beach.
   – How to prepare for a trip to the woods.

2. Adeina’s 3 best places to visit this summer.
   -West Virginia – Adventures On The Gorge – From white water rafting to ziplining, to walking across the longest single-span bridge in the Western Hemisphere.
   -The Texas Coast – fishing, dolphin watching, and food are my top 3 reasons to visit Port A Texas.
   -Yellowstone – after the flood devastated parts of Yellowstone in 2022, I will be sharing how they bounced back during their 150th Anniversary year to invite visitors back to the oldest National Park in America.
   -Visiting the Midwest – my favorite places in the Midwest for a great family adventure.

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