Kim Eagle of Earn That Body joined Studio 512 with tips for parents and kids on getting through Halloween candy season without consuming too much sugar. Kim says:

  1. Never buy your Halloween candy until the day before or the day of Halloween. “Let’s face it, if you have the candy sitting in the house all month…you will eat it. How many times have you had to go buy more candy because your stash is almost gone before it’s October 31st? Just sayin’!”
  2. Buy the candy you do NOT like. “Yep…you would be crazy to buy the Almond Joy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Baby Ruth (Oh wait…those are my favorites!). But seriously, buy the candy you don’t enjoy and guess what…you won’t be so tempted to eat it. This candy is supposed to be for the kids at the door, right? Trust me on this one.”
  3. Use Kim’s “Candy Round Up Rule”: “If you have kids and they come back with a pillowcase full of candy, have them pick their favorites out (maybe 20 pieces max). Donate the rest. There are many places to donate. A favorite for me is the Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Give Back Program for the military. Feel free to check it out or donate to a homeless shelter in your area. Many dentists will collect it for you as well, and they will donate it to a good cause.”
  4. Set A Trick-Or-Treating Limit. “Going out to trick-or-treat with your kids? Promise yourself 2 pieces max to enjoy along the way. Setting a limit helps! And BRING WATER to stay hydrated out there!”
  5. Serve a healthy dinner before trick-or-treating. “How about something homemade and with veggies! The rest of the evening will be full of sugar…so why sabotage it all? Plus it’ll give you more energy to stay on your feet if you’re going out with your kiddos!”

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