Adeina Anderson of Creative Lifestyles with Adeina joined Steph and Rosie to share tips for a well prepared Spring Break getaway.

Spring Break Must-Haves

1.      A good vehicle, whether you are taking your own car or renting one, you always want to make sure your vehicle is road-ready, and I highly recommend a travel assistance program like AAA.

2.      Sunglasses and a Great Hat are very important for your vision and for keeping your eyes safe from the harmful sun.

3.      Layered clothes and the right shoes– cold mornings, hot afternoons, and whether you are just walking around or taking a fun hike, shoes are very important

4.      Great Bag – Packing the right things is important, but having the right bag is just as important, from carry-on bags to a backpack you can keep your important items in for getting in and out of the car easily.

5.      Good Water Bottle – It’s very important to stay hydrated while traveling, it also causes you to stop and stretch your legs on a regular basis.

6. First Aid Kit – It is very important to always travel with a great first aid kit, someone always gets a boo boo when you are on the road.

7.      Games and Crafts for Kids – I will share a great craft for the kids to start when they first hit the road that can be worked on throughout the trip. I will also share a fun craft that will keep the kids busy throughout the trip. 

8.      Munchy Bag and Snack Box – healthy snacks or cookies and candy, we will create a fun snack box and snack bag for the kiddos and adults.

9.      Extra Bags – throw away and zipper bags are great to take on any trip, you never know when you’ll need a bag to put wet clothes, or leftover snacks in it.

10.   Relaxation Ideas for when you get to your destination after the long road trip – mini spa

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