Letty Lamont of LettyWoman Med Spa joined Steph and Rosie to share tips on how to avoid and treat skin dehydration and hyperpigmentation during the harsh summer months.

Letty says, “Since the sun and heat are on this summer it’s not a great time to do a chemical peel or use retinol products. Also, many of us do not drink enough water leaving our skin our skin looking dull and pigmented…but don’t despair, there are plenty of treatments that you can do to brighten and hydrate your face even during the extreme heat in Austin. These treatments will give you intstant results with zero or very little downtime.

1) DermaSweep & JetPeel

Both offer deep exfoliation and hydration with no downtime. Both remove dead skin and medical grade ingredients that help combat sun spots, acne and dehydration. Dermasweep uses micro bristles and JetPeel uses a power jet stream to penetrate the skin up to 3mm. Letty recommends a series of 3 of either or a mix and match that are scheduled 1-2 weeks apart to start. From there a client can do regular maintenance.

2) Microneedling 2

With PRP will tighten and brighten the skin with minimal downtime. Sterile needles gently puncture the skin up to 2mm all while infusing your own PRP (platelet rich plasma) which helps induce collagen production, remodeling the skin for a clearer complexion , tighter pores and combats sagging skin.  In less than a week your will start glowing, in 6 weeks you see the tightening and brightening effects!

This treatment has 1-4 days downtime abd should done in series of 3. Then maintenance treatments every 6-12 months.

3) Glass Facial

A custom concoction made of neurotoxin AKA Botox, a little HA filler and specific serums depending on your skin needs. This concoction is infused less than 1mm deep with tiny tiny needles leaving your skin plump, fresh and smooth for up to 6 weeks with no downtime. Do as needed for a special occasion or anytime you want a skin boost.

Letty is hosting a virtual RHA filler event on June 30th at 6:30pm. RHA is a new line of fillers LettyWoman is now carrying that is natural looking and long lasting. If you’re interested in attending to find out more information you can register here. For more information or to book a free consultation go to LettyWoman.com